Candidate Questions

Are your calls and e-mails responded to quickly and needs taken very seriously or do you “fall in the bucket” with all the other candidates the firm is working with?

If you have interviewed for a position, did the recruiting firm get you status updates during the search, and did the firm bring closure to the position if you were not the candidate selected so you could gain from the interview experience?

Does the recruiter want to meet you in person, if possible, or spend enough quality time on the phone to make sure you are able to explain to them your specific needs and career interests or do they just want to quickly understand the “title…salary…geography” questions and assume the rest will take care of itself?

Does it feel that recruiting firm is really “working” for you or are you just another candidate whose information is entered into a firm database?

Does the recruiting firm truly work to “partner” with you, becoming an extension of your own personal recruiting efforts, or are you just viewed as another candidate who can create potential revenue attached to filling a position?

Do you feel comfortable that the recruiting firm takes the time to clearly explain the job requirements of the position as well as providing information that is important for you to understand so that you can evaluate your interest level in the position?


If there are issues at any point in the recruitment process is the recruiting firm’s management team accessible when you need them to discuss and resolve such issues or does the recruiter try to avoid at all costs speaking to senior management?

Or worse, does senior management of the recruiting firm train their recruiters to avoid getting them involved?

Does the recruiting firm seem to make your job search a pleasant experience or are there constant issues with certain firms that make working with them just not worth the hassle?

Does the recruiting firm have ownership with a long-term, successful track record in the recruiting industry?

Do you feel that the recruiting firm has quality relationships with the types of organizations that you would be interested in working for?

Is the recruiting firm able to maintain long-term relationships with candidates or do they seem to typically place the candidate and then “lose touch” until the candidate is back in the job market down the road?

Wouldn’t it save you countless hours over time to be able to work with the same recruitment firm so you don’t have to constantly keep explaining everything all over again to the next firm?