The Octagon family of companies utilizes its own unique recruiting methodology which focuses on working hand-in-hand with clients and candidates. This methodology has been created through the evolution of over 65 years of combined recruiting experience in companies ranging in size from local recruiting firms to large international recruiting organizations. The end result is a consistent level of high quality placements.

Octagon’s recruiting methodology is based on a logical approach to the recruitment process which includes several detailed steps in order to successfully deploy them on a consistent basis. An overview of these steps includes:

  • Know your client – Both sides need to take the time up front to really drill down and understand the critical needs of each and every position to be filled.
  • Make sure position specifications are clear – Make sure to inquire about the true “required” skills to know how to identify candidates that meet those specs.
  • Evaluate and screen potential candidates – Interview candidates, whether in person or over the phone to clearly determine one-by-one whether they are suitable for the position being recruited for.
  • Present candidates – Provide enough information in addition to the resume to assist the client in having a clear and concise understanding of the candidates qualifications.
  • Coordinate interviews – Work in sync with the client and candidate to get interviews set up on a timely basis.
  • Facilitate selection of final candidate – Keep an open dialogue every step of the way to make the final candidate selection as easy as possible.
  • Participate in offer & acceptance process – Promote healthy dialogue through the offer & acceptance process to enable the parties to agree upon a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • Conduct detailed references – Provide documented references to the client. Always invite client to recheck those references or to request additional ones as they deem necessary.
  • Continue to facilitate the transition process for the hired candidate – Maintain consistent dialogue with candidate as they resign from their current position and keep client abreast of the process as well as facilitating general post-acceptance issues.
  • Post-placement follow-up with both client and candidate – Follow up with both client and placed candidate to make sure things are “off to the right start”.

Octagon increases the likelihood of making successful placements that result in long-term tenured hires by following this methodology and employing the firm’s in-house training and development every step of the way. There are many unique “issues” that arise during the recruitment process, and we are here to help! We listen closely to our clients and our candidates and respond accordingly to make sure that to the best of our ability, we get everybody on the same page.

One of the biggest risks in the recruiting process is not having a clear understanding of a client’s or candidate’s needs and focusing on just salary and title. There is so much more that needs to be facilitated by the recruiting firm to increase the rate of acceptance of offers extended – because it is a really good “fit”. We understand through experience that salary, title and benefits are not enough to keep top-flight employees happy within an organization.

Many other factors, including several smaller issues play an important role in how long an employee will stay with a particular company. We know that the more thorough the interview process, the smaller the likelihood of surprises in that first critical year with a new employer.

We can customize our recruiting methodology to meet your organizations unique recruiting needs.

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