Octagon Professional Recruiting is a professional recruitment and staffing firm that specializes in placing a wide variety of positions. It offers direct hire, temporary/project and temporary/project-to-hire staffing in areas such as accounting, finance, human resources, as well as other areas. (Click here to see a listing of the types of positions that the firm fills). The firm utilizes the Octagon family of companies’ internally developed recruiting methodology to identify, screen and present qualified and interested candidates. Each search includes an in-depth understanding of the client company, the firm’s culture, the detailed job specifications, as well as the “intangibles” necessary to help make a top quality match. Our recruiting team conducts a detailed interview with each and every candidate prior to presenting anyone to the client company to interview. We work hard to achieve a very high interview-to-offer ratio; additionally, we strive to be great listeners and put in the extra effort necessary to facilitate all aspects of each and every search.

Octagon Financial Consulting is a specialized accounting/financial consulting firm that handles both long-term and short-term project needs. Our firm fills positions in areas such as technical accounting research and related projects, yearend audit prep work, assistance with SEC filings, IFRS related projects, SOX/Internal Audit projects, Interim CFO and Controller roles as well as others. (Click here to see a listing of the types of positions that the firm fills).  Octagon Financial Consulting does much more than just match up technical skills; our recruiting team personally screens each candidate in search of the best possible match for each client’s project needs. There are many additional factors that are critical in finding not only qualified candidates, but just as importantly, interested candidates – candidates that are a good “fit” for a particular project at a specific company. Our highly personalized level of screening allows us to avoid making poor matches for obvious reasons of incompatibility such as depth of technical experience, complexity of client company, location issues, etc. Our goal is to help get the right project professionals in place so our clients can have the specific human capital resources they need, when they need them, allowing them to complete their projects on time and within budget!

Octagon Executive Search provides senior management/executive level search services. The firm offers both direct hire and executive level project based/consulting services (many of which result in permanent hires). (Click here to see a listing of the types of positions that the firm fills). The firm works hand in hand with its client companies, truly “partnering” with them in custom tailoring recruitment strategies for each and every search assignment. A detailed candidate overview is provided in addition to the candidate’s resume at the time of submittal to the client. Our firm is involved in all aspects of the search from pre-planning to post-hire follow-up and we act as a strategic advisor every step of the way.

Technology Staffing – For technology recruitment, consulting and staffing needs, please click here for our affiliated company.

Specializing in Accounting, Finance and Human Resources Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing